Personalised Wood Horse Shoe & Name Plate


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Listen up, horse lovers, because have we got the perfect gift for you! Or for your horse-obsessed friend! Or for that special horse in your life who deserves to have its name up in... well, wood. Welcome to the world of our fantastic Personalised Wooden Horse Shoe & Name Plates. Hand-crafted by our dedicated, equestrian-loving, gift-wrapping ninjas right here in our very own secret gift-making lair (okay, it's just our office, but "lair" sounds cooler).

So, you're wondering, "What can these miraculous plaques do?" Well, whether it's a stable plaque or a birthday gift for Uncle Bob who loves his pony more than he loves his, um, golf clubs, these beauties will cause more joy than a horse finding an open gate leading to a field of fresh grass.

Now, hold your horses (pun intended), because there's more. These plaques are meticulously crafted out of veneer plywood. We didn't just pick this wood because it's as sturdy as a Clydesdale; it also means each piece has its own unique shades and colour variations. Ordering more than one? Expect each to be as distinctive as a zebra's stripes (but, you know, more horsey).

Concerned about your plaque braving the elements outdoors? No worries! With a bit of treatment (which you'll have to do yourself, we're afraid), these wooden wonders can withstand the weather just like your trusty steed.

Now, about that size. Whether you want it as petite as a Shetland pony or as grand as a thoroughbred, you get to choose. And with a thickness of 4mm, these plaques are as reliable as your old gelding.

Want to change up the colour? No problem! You can stain this wood to whatever shade tickles your fancy (or matches your horse's coat, we don't judge).

And for those who don't fancy hanging these up, we offer stands at an extra cost. Because even the most dedicated horse lovers need a break, right?

Get your Personalised Wooden Horse Shoe & Name Plate today, and add a touch of unique equine elegance to your life (or stable)!


We can supply a stand at an extra cost.

Outside Use

 If you do you want to have this outside we would recommend treating the wood so it will not deteriorate.


You can select the size you would like in the size option. The thickness of the wood is 4mm.


This wood can be stained to whatever colour you would like. This would need to be done by yourself.

SKU: ENG20SP2x2 Inch No Stand