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Introducing the prestigious and uproariously acclaimed "World's Best Sh*t Shoveler Award"! Yes, you heard it right. It's time to gather 'round, ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate the unsung heroes of the equine world who tackle the noble task of mucking out the horses with unparalleled finesse.

Picture this: a dazzling wooden plaque, carefully crafted with the finest splinters and sawdust, embellished with an exquisite horse-dung motif. A true masterpiece that captures the essence of equine excrement in all its glory! This remarkable work of art is bestowed upon the individual who fearlessly wades through piles of horse droppings, making sure the stables are spick and span.

As the recipient's name is called out in a flurry of applause and laughter, they step up to claim their well-deserved accolade. With a proud smile, they graciously accept the plaque, raising it triumphantly above their head, as if hoisting a shovel adorned with a golden trophy. It's a sight to behold!

But what makes this award truly special is the outrageous charm that accompanies it. We're not talking about any old piece of dung-scooping paraphernalia here. No, no! This award has an extraordinary power—it can transform the smelliest of situations into a hilarious adventure. As the recipient hangs it proudly on their wall, it serves as a constant reminder of their remarkable ability to navigate the perilous terrain of horse manure.

So, whether you're dealing with the foulest of fumes, defying gravity to rid the stables of dung mountains, or finding yourself engaged in epic battles against the relentless forces of equine waste, this award recognizes the hero within you—the unsung champion of the stable, the one who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty for the sake of a fresh-smelling barn.

The "World's Best Sh*t Shoveler Award" is more than just a plaque; it's a celebration of bravery, resilience, and an unrivaled sense of humor. So, step into the spotlight, noble muckers of the equestrian world, for this award is your ultimate crown of honor. May your shovels be ever sturdy, your nostrils impervious, and your laughter contagious as you embrace the incredible journey of being the best darn horse poop wrangler the world has ever seen!
We use 4mm veneer plywood to create our plates. As it is a wood there will be variations in colour and thickness if you are ordering multiples. We have tried to show this in the photos on the listing as best we can.

Dimension: 0.375 x 7 x 6 inch

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