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Animal Health Company No-Bute: Discover the power of nature with this herbal supplement for horse joint health, sourced from the potent devil's claw plant.


No-Bute is an innovative, water-based liquid supplement designed to support the joint health of horses and ponies. Formulated with the root of the devil’s claw plant, it provides a natural alternative to traditional supplements.

Key Features

  • Herbal Formulation: Made with devil's claw plant root, known for its joint health benefits.
  • Safe for All Ages: Suitable for horses and ponies of all ages, providing comfort without alcohol.
  • Easy Dosage: Features a built-in measuring cup for accurate dosing.
  • Competition Safe: Contains zero banned substances, making it ideal for competitive use.

Intended Use

This supplement is intended to ease movement and enhance wellbeing in horses and ponies, making it perfect for those seeking a natural solution to support joint health.

Material & Special Features

Made from a water-based formulation, No-Bute stands out for its use of high-quality, natural ingredients without any alcohol content. The innovative measuring cup ensures easy and precise administration, showcasing the product's focus on convenience and effectiveness.

Why Choose This Product?

Choose Animal Health Company No-Bute for its natural formulation, ease of use, and safety across all ages. It's the go-to supplement for those prioritizing the health and mobility of their equine companions without compromising on quality or safety.

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