NAF Naf Off Citronella


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NAF NAF-OFF Citronella Spray offers unparalleled fly repellent protection for horses, combining natural effectiveness with a pleasant scent. Ideal for use during the summer months.

Product Overview

  • Size: Available in a convenient 750 ml spray bottle and a cost-effective refillable 2.5-liter option.
  • Material: Formulated with natural citronella, known for its fly repellent properties.
  • Intended Use: Designed to protect horses from pesky flies during the summer, enhancing comfort and wellbeing.

Key Features

  • Natural citronella scent repels flies without harsh chemicals.
  • Two sizes available: 750 ml for easy application and 2.5 liters for refills.
  • Refillable bottles reduce waste and support sustainability.
  • Easy to apply with a handy spray bottle, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Recommended patch test for safety, ensuring compatibility with your horse's skin.

Special Features

The NAF NAF-OFF Citronella Spray stands out for its eco-friendly approach with refillable options and its use of natural citronella, making it a preferred choice for horse owners looking for effective fly repellent solutions without compromising on safety or environmental responsibility.

Why Choose This Product?

Choose NAF NAF-OFF Citronella Spray for its natural, effective protection against flies, user-friendly design, and commitment to sustainability. It's the ideal summer companion for any horse, ensuring comfort and peace of mind for both horse and owner.

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