Experience a Quieter Ride with the Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask

Welcome to a Fly-Free Riding Experience

Hi there, Aaron here from Just Horse Riders, and today we’re diving into the innovative world of the Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask. If you've ever thought that a peaceful, undisturbed ride with your horse was just a dream, think again!

What's All the Buzz About?

Imagine it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’re all set for a ride. But, as soon as you step out, every horse fly in the UK seems to have a personal vendetta against your horse’s comfort. Aaron jokes, “I know if you want your horse to be a bit more stealthy, this mask won’t make it quieter,” but it sure will keep those pesky flies at bay!

The Design Philosophy

The Quiet Ride Fly Mask isn't just any fly mask; it’s crafted specifically for riding comfort. Aaron explains, “This mask has been designed to be used when riding only...it's got specific features to help with that.” With a design that allows for complete visibility and protection, your horse can enjoy the scenery as much as you do.

Unveiling the Quiet Ride Fly Mask

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this game-changing accessory. Aaron excitedly points out, "Let's open her up and have a look see." The Quiet Ride Fly Mask comes in a reusable, resealable bag, perfect for stowing away once the fly season has passed. This thoughtful packaging ensures that you can keep the mask in top condition year after year.

Lightweight Yet Tough

As Aaron unpacks the mask, he notes, "It's really, really lightweight and super thin but quite tough still." The mask is designed for ease of use, combining durability with comfort. It covers the entire face, protecting your horse from UV rays and insects without compromising on comfort or visibility.

Special Features for Optimal Comfort

One standout feature is the forelock hole, designed to ensure that hair doesn’t interfere with your horse's eyes. “It's got a forelock hole to make sure the hair comes through so it doesn't get in your horse's eye,” explains Aaron. Additionally, the mask provides 70% UV protection and features breathable material at the ears to ensure your horse can hear and stay comfortable even on the warmest days.

Easy to Fit

Fitting the mask is a piece of cake, thanks to the velcro straps that securely hold it in place. Aaron demonstrates, “It literally just goes over your horse’s head with the bridle and attaches on like that.” This simplicity ensures that you can get going on your ride without any fuss.

Why Choose the Quiet Ride?

Reduced head tossing and a safer ride are just the beginning. Aaron remarks, “Maybe that's why they call it a quiet ride because when they’re out hacking, they’re going to be quieter.” The design and features of the mask make it an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their horse's riding experience, especially for those prone to Head Shaking Syndrome.

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Your Horse Deserves the Best Protection

Aaron emphasizes, "This is a really, really good idea because plenty of people when they do go out hacking, they do get attacked by flies, so it can make it very uncomfortable for your horse and probably a bit dangerous for you as well if your horse can react badly to being bitten." It’s clear that the Quiet Ride Fly Mask not only enhances comfort but also increases safety for both the horse and rider.

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