Welcome to Fly-Free Riding with Lincoln Classic Fly Spray

Hi there, I’m Aaron Englander from Just Horse Riders, and today we’re diving into one of our most trusted products that promises to keep those pesky flies at bay. Say hello to Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Liquid, a must-have in your horse care arsenal.

Let's face it, flies are more than just a nuisance; they're a real bother to our equine friends. But Aaron has some intriguing insights on this: “Now there’s something really interesting about this fly spray in that it has both DEET and PMD. DEET is a chemical that messes around with the fly’s navigational system so it basically means that it doesn't know where to land.” Curious yet? Watch now to see it in action!

The Science Behind the Spray

Why choose Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent? It’s not just any fly spray. Its powerful, dual-action formulation combines DEET, a widely used insect-repellent chemical, with PMD (p-Menthane-3,8-diol) derived from lemon gum tree oils. Aaron jokes about the latter, “PMD is easier, it’s definitely easier. I didn’t know there were any trees made of lemon gum, but this is where it’s derived from.”

What Makes Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Stand Out?

Not only does it confuse and repel flies, but it also smells good! Thanks to its pleasant fragrance of Lemongrass Oil, both you and your horse can enjoy a more pleasant environment. Plus, it’s alcohol-based, ensuring that it evaporates slowly and lasts longer—up to 12 hours under normal conditions.

Long-Lasting Protection for Your Horse

"It’s also solvent based which means it lasts for longer. It actually says on the back here one application is effective for up to 12 hours in normal conditions, so that means more riding and less swatting flies." This assurance from Aaron highlights why the Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent is a top choice for horse owners seeking effective fly protection.

Approved and Safe for Your Equine Friend

The safety of your horse is paramount. Thankfully, Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent is HSE licensed, ensuring it meets stringent health and safety standards. Aaron reassures us, "It’s approved by the HSE so you know it’s going to be super safe for your horse." This endorsement not only speaks to the product's efficacy but also its reliability and safety.

Versatility in Sizes and Applications

Every horse and every situation is unique. That’s why Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent comes in multiple sizes. "This is the one liter size; it's the most popular size and comes with a nice easy spray applicator on the top. They do also come in a smaller size of 500 ml so if you've got fewer horses or a smaller horse, that might be the size to go for," suggests Aaron. Whether you manage a large stable or just a couple of horses, there’s a size that fits your needs.

Explore the Full Lincoln Range

If the Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent has caught your interest, why stop there? Just Horse Riders stocks a full range of Lincoln products. From fly sprays and fly rugs to sweet itch protection and more, enhance your horse’s comfort and care with high-quality products. "If you do need anything else like udder cream or any other fly repellents, please go and have a look on there," Aaron recommends.

Your Questions Answered

Choosing the right fly repellent can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. Aaron Englander emphasizes, "If you have any other questions about the Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent, please give us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP." We encourage you to reach out with any queries to ensure you're fully informed. Visit our Lincoln equestrian page for more details and to submit your questions.

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Final Thoughts

If you're tired of conventional fly repellents that don’t deliver, it’s time to try the Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Liquid. With its unique blend of DEET and PMD, pleasant lemongrass scent, and up to 12 hours of protection, it’s designed to keep your horse comfortable and fly-free. Remember, more riding, less swatting! Ready to protect your horse? Shop now and enjoy peace of mind during your next ride.