Discover the Magic of Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks

Introduction: Why Your Horse Needs the Best Protection

When it comes to protecting your beloved steed from the annoyance of flies and other biting insects, it's not just about keeping them at bay—it’s about ensuring your horse's comfort and health during those long summer days. Today, we’re diving into an innovative solution from Shires that might just be the game-changer you need.

Meet the Revolutionary Arma Fly Turnout Socks

"Hi there, Aaron Englander here from Just Horse Riders, and today we're looking at something pretty special—the Arma Fly Turnout Socks from Shires." Curious about these? Let’s say they’re not your average fly socks. Shop now and see why they're a must-have for your horse’s wardrobe!

It’s All in the Fabric

Designed with unique Air Motion 3D fabric, these turnout socks don’t just keep those pesky flies away; they make sure your horse stays cool and comfortable with increased airflow and reduced heat buildup. Aaron notes, "You can tell these are extremely lightweight because I've actually got a pair of front and hind socks wrapped in this package." Just imagine your horse prancing around, barely noticing they’re wearing extra protection!

A Closer Look at Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks

Opening up the package reveals more than just socks, it unveils a promise of protection and ease of use. As Aaron enthusiastically points out during the unboxing, "So let’s open them up and have a closer look but you can see nice and easy just all these velcro straps look nice and easy just to bring one off. That was a piece of cake."

The Design That Thinks of Everything

What sets the Arma Fly Turnout Socks apart is their thoughtfully engineered design. "It has got a good stiff joint in there which is going to stop the socks from sagging on your horse's leg," mentions Aaron, highlighting the practicality of the product. This feature ensures that the socks stay snug without restricting your horse’s movements or comfort.

Comfort Meets Durability

The combination of softness and robust protection makes these socks a standout. "The socks are really nice and padded as well and extremely soft," says Aaron. The mesh is thin enough to allow your horse's legs to breathe but small enough to keep out the flies and midges. Interested in experiencing this comfort for your horse? Buy now and provide your horse the comfort they deserve.

Additional Features That Shine

It’s not just about keeping the flies away; it’s about ensuring comfort all around. The anti-rubbing fleece around the bindings exemplifies the attention to detail. "You've also got plenty of anti-rubbing fleece everywhere around the bindings of these socks so it’s not gonna bother your horse or rubbing him when they're wearing them," Aaron elaborates. This enhancement prevents discomfort and irritation, safeguarding your horse's delicate skin.

For more information on our range of fly protection gear, check out our full selection at Just Horse Riders.

Why Choose Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks?

As we wrap up our review, it’s clear that Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks are more than just a barrier against insects. They are a comprehensive solution designed with your horse’s comfort and protection in mind. "If you do have a horse that suffers from flies getting at the legs then try these, they may offer the solution that you're looking for," Aaron suggests, emphasizing their effectiveness.

The Ultimate Protection Against the Sun

With 80% UV blocking, these socks not only protect against insects but also minimize the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching, a crucial feature for horse owners aware of the effects of prolonged sun exposure. "Effectiveness may diminish over time," warns the product description, advising owners on maintaining the socks for long-term use.

Your Go-To Choice for Fly Protection

Whether it’s enhancing comfort, preventing rubbing, or providing substantial protection against UV rays and insects, the Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks check all the boxes. Lightweight, ergonomically shaped, and easy to use, these socks are designed to meet the highest standards of horse care.

Curious to see how they work in action? Watch Aaron's full review on our YouTube channel and see for yourself why these socks are a must-have for any horse owner: Watch now.

Ready to Upgrade Your Horse’s Fly Protection?

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