FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Masks: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Horse

Introduction to the Revolutionary FlyGuard Pro Air Motion

As the warmer months roll in, every horse owner knows the annoyance that flies can bring to our equine friends. That's why we, at Just Horse Riders, are excited to introduce you to a product that promises to be a game-changer in equine comfort during fly season: the FlyGuard Pro Air Motion fly mask by Shires. Designed to keep the pests at bay while ensuring your horse remains cool and comfortable, this fly mask is a must-have in your horse care arsenal.

Why Choose FlyGuard Pro Air Motion?

According to Aaron Englander, our expert at Just Horse Riders, "This isn't just any fly mask; it's a comfortable solution to insect and fly irritation." With its advanced 3D mesh fabric that facilitates air flow, this mask actively cools and reduces moisture, ensuring that your horse can enjoy the summer without the annoyance of flies buzzing around.

"It sort of looks a bit like a jellyfish when it's not on your horse," Aaron laughs, "or something out of Futurama. But jokes aside, it's seriously effective!"

The Science Behind the Comfort: FlyGuard Pro's Innovative Features

When we say the FlyGuard Pro Air Motion is revolutionary, we mean it. This mask isn't just about keeping flies away; it's engineered to enhance comfort and visibility while protecting your horse. "All of the FlyGuard series come with 3D eye visors," explains Aaron, "which lift the mesh off your horse's eyes to ensure they have a good field of vision, whether in a field or a stable."

Detailed Design for Maximum Protection

Beyond its visual benefits, the fly mask features a secure fly proof mesh shield and clear vision ripstop eye mesh to guard against even the smallest insects. "The mesh is extremely fine, so it's going to stop all those small flies and midges from getting in," Aaron notes. This attention to detail extends to comfort, with aerated ears and elasticated fleece seam trims ensuring a snug, non-irritating fit around sensitive areas.

"It’s also extremely breathable and lightweight, a really big plus for when your horse is wearing it on those hotter days," Aaron adds, highlighting the mask's practicality during warm weather.

Fit and Comfort: Tailored to Your Horse's Needs

Fitting the FlyGuard mask is a breeze. "Fitting wise, it’s really easy to fit—plunk it over your horse’s head," says Aaron, showcasing the quick fit secure straps designed for easy adjustments. "It might be easier said than done in some cases, but it also has the velcro straps on the back, so it’s nice and easy to fit."

The mask's design also features anti-rub binding tech that prevents any rubbing, enhancing your horse's comfort. "There’s plenty on the outside and quite a bit on the inside as well," he points out. Comfort is paramount, and the FlyGuard Pro ensures it is delivered in every aspect.

Explore the FlyGuard Pro Range: Options for Every Horse

The versatility of the FlyGuard Pro range is unmatched. "The FlyGuard range comes in loads of different combinations; this is the fly fringe and the ears, it comes with just the fly fringe, I believe it comes with just the ears, it comes with a nose extension, it comes without the ears—loads of different combinations," Aaron enthusiastically explains. This flexibility means that there’s likely a FlyGuard mask that’ll suit your horse’s needs, regardless of their particular sensitivities or the conditions they face.

Designed in the UK, Used by Winners

Proudly designed in the UK and used by champions, FlyGuard Pro masks incorporate air motion fabric technology to keep your horse cool and comfortable. They offer over 70% UV blocking to protect against the sun's harmful rays, with a minimum of 60% rating for eye mesh. "Effectiveness may diminish over time, but these are durable for the field and tested according to stringent standards," assures Aaron.

Why Wait? Protect Your Horse Today!

"If you have any questions about the FlyGuard range or this particular mask, please give us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP," invites Aaron. With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in your horse’s comfort and protection. Check out our full range of fly masks, fringes, and sweet itch protection gear. Your horse deserves the best, and FlyGuard Pro is here to deliver.

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Watch now as Aaron takes you through a detailed review of our top-selling fly mask. And don’t forget to shop now to secure the best for your equine companion. Thank you for reading, and see you next time!