Top 20 Best Beaches for Horse Riding in the UK

Have you ever dreamed of galloping along a sandy beach with the wind in your hair and the sound of waves as your soundtrack? Or perhaps a gentle trot while soaking in the tranquillity of a serene coastal view? If so, then this blog post is for you. As an equestrian enthusiast, you might already know that the United Kingdom, with its diverse landscapes and extensive coastlines, is a paradise for beach horse riding.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top 20 best beaches for horse riding in the UK. From secluded sands in Norfolk to picturesque coastlines in Pembrokeshire, these beaches offer unparalleled experiences for both you and your horse. Alongside, we'll also answer some common questions about horse riding on the beach and help you prepare for the ride with some essential gear.

So, saddle up, prepare your Lincoln Sun Bloc, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure. Let's trot on!

Can You Take Horses to the Beach in the UK?

The UK's diverse and stunning coastline offers numerous locations for equestrian enthusiasts. However, it's important to be aware of the specific rules and guidelines associated with horse riding on each beach.

Many UK beaches do permit horse riding, but the specific rules can vary. Some beaches may only allow horse riding during off-peak times or specific seasons, while others may have designated areas for equestrians. Always make sure to research and follow the local regulations.

Furthermore, you need to be prepared. Extended beach rides can mean prolonged exposure to the sun for both you and your horse. A product such as the Lincoln Sun Bloc can help protect your horse from harmful UV rays.

Do Horses Like Riding on the Beach?

Horses, just like their riders, can truly appreciate a change of scenery and the challenge of different terrains. The beach, with its panoramic views, soft sands, and calming waves, offers a unique sensory experience for horses. However, as with any new experience, it's best to introduce a horse gradually to beach rides.

As for riders, it's vital to dress appropriately for beach rides. Given the combination of sand, water, and potentially long durations in the sun, comfort and protection are paramount. The Cameo Equine Core Collection Tights and Cameo Equine Performance Baselayer provide stylish, comfortable attire for riding. And, to keep your feet dry, consider the Cameo Equine Waterproof Horse Riding Jodphur Boots, equipped with a non-slip sole for added safety.

Now let's explore the top 20 beaches in the UK for an unforgettable horse riding experience.

Please note: The ride times mentioned are approximate and can vary based on individual and horse speed.

  1. Holkham Beach, Norfolk (PE31 8JA) – Two hours of riding in this vast and secluded landscape offer a tranquil experience. A picturesque pine forest nearby is worth exploring.
  2. Pembrey Beach, Carmarthenshire (SA16 0EJ) – A three-hour ride here offers eight miles of golden sands with the added charm of nearby woodlands.
  3. Studland Beach, Dorset (BH19 3AX) – Offering a two-hour ride, this is one of the few beaches in the UK where horses are welcome all year round. The nearby Old Harry Rocks are a spectacular sight.
  4. Bridlington South Beach, East Yorkshire (YO15 3QN) – A two to three-hour ride on this expansive sandy beach offers breathtaking views of the Flamborough cliffs.
  5. Weston-super-Mare, Somerset (BS23 1BE) – A two-hour ride here offers breathtaking views of the Bristol Channel and the vibrant local seaside town.
  6. Camber Sands, East Sussex (TN31 7RT) – Famous for its dunes, a three-hour ride here offers a unique sensory experience. The nearby medieval town of Rye is also worth a visit.
  7. Brancaster Beach, Norfolk (PE31 8BW) – Offering a two-hour ride, this quiet and expansive beach is a great place for horse riding. Nearby, the marshes and nature reserves are a must-see.
  8. Gwithian Beach, Cornwall (TR27 5BT) – A two to three-hour ride here provides excellent views of Godrevy Lighthouse. Surfing is also popular here if you fancy a splash after your ride!
  9. Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire (SA62 3BH) – A three-hour ride here reveals dramatic cliffs and secluded bays. At the nearby Deer Park, you might even spot seals.
  10. Seahouses Beach, Northumberland (NE68 7RN) – Offering about a two-hour ride, Seahouses Beach boasts views of the magnificent Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands.
  11. Hayle Towans Beach, Cornwall (TR27 5AF) – A two-hour ride offers an opportunity to explore the sand dunes and surf on this stunning beach.
  12. Fraisthorpe Beach, East Riding of Yorkshire (YO15 3QL) – Offering a three-hour ride, this wide, sandy beach is excellent for a leisurely trot or a more exhilarating gallop.
  13. Formby Beach, Merseyside (L37 1LJ) – A two-hour ride here provides a combination of beach, sand dunes, and pine woods, offering variety for both rider and horse.
  14. Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside (PR8 2QB) – Offering about a three-hour ride, Ainsdale Beach is known for its sand dunes and excellent horse riding opportunities.
  15. Blackpool Sands, Devon (TQ6 0RG) – A two-hour ride here offers a mixture of sand and shingle with pine trees, evergreens, and breathtaking views.
  16. Silecroft Beach, Cumbria (LA18 4NX) – Offering a three-hour ride, this beach has miles of sandy shore, and with the backdrop of the Lake District hills, it's visually stunning.
  17. West Sands, St Andrews, Fife (KY16 9XL) – A two-hour ride here will let you experience the beach that featured in the famous 'Chariots of Fire' scene.
  18. Traeth Llyfn Beach, Pembrokeshire (SA64 0JR) – A two-hour ride on this remote beach offers a truly tranquil horse riding experience.
  19. Porthcawl Beach, Bridgend (CF36 5TS) – Offering a two-hour ride, this beach is known for its extensive sands and the nearby Merthyr Mawr sand dunes.
  20. Druridge Bay, Northumberland (NE61 5EG) – A two to three-hour ride on this seven-mile-long sandy beach provides breathtaking views of the Northumberland coast.

Horse riding on the beach can be a truly memorable experience when done responsibly. Always remember to respect local rules, other beachgoers, and the well-being of your horse. With the right preparation and equipment, you're set to enjoy some of the best beach riding the UK has to offer. Happy riding!