Top 20 Best Names for Horses

Choosing a name for your horse is an important decision. A name can showcase your horse's personality, traits, or heritage. With so many options out there, it's hard to narrow it down. To give you some inspiration, we've rounded up our top 20 best horse names.

1. Thunderbolt

This electrifying name is perfect for a horse with a powerful and lively spirit. And to fuel that spirit, don't forget LIKIT STUD MUFFINS.

2. Black Stallion

Great for a strong, majestic horse. Much like the famous horse in Walter Farley's novel, this name evokes a sense of mystery and adventure.

3. Wind Runner

This name is perfect for a horse who loves to gallop freely in the fields, swiftly and gracefully, just like the wind.

4. Meadow

A serene and beautiful name, ideal for a horse that's as peaceful and pleasing as a lush green meadow. Complement this serene vibe with a treat like NAF MINTY TREATS.

5. Sapphire

This name, reminiscent of the stunning blue gem, is perfect for a horse of exceptional beauty and value.

6. Autumn Breeze

A great name for a horse with a calm and gentle nature, as comforting as a cool breeze in the autumn.

7. Bella

Simple, beautiful, and universally loved - Bella is a popular choice that never goes out of style.

8. Star

Star is a bright and positive name, perfect for a horse who's the light of your life.

9. Buddy

Is your horse your best friend? Buddy is the perfect name to signify that bond. Make that bond stronger with our LIKIT STARTER KIT.

10. Lady

A classic name for a female horse, Lady exudes elegance and refinement. Every lady deserves the best, especially our BAILEYS TASTY TREATS.

11. Majesty

This name embodies strength, dignity, and grandeur - perfect for a horse of noble breed or demeanor.

12. Luna

A beautiful name for a mare, Luna (which means moon) could be a perfect fit for a horse with a calm and soothing temperament.

13. Comet

This is a great name for a horse that moves with the speed and grace of a celestial object shooting across the sky.

14. Whiskey

This could be a great name for a horse with a warm, spirited personality, or perhaps a rich, chestnut coat.

15. Pegasus

Name your horse after the mythical winged divine stallion for a touch of grandeur and myth.

16. Misty

A lovely name for a horse, especially if she has a grey coat. Misty evokes an image of gentle calm and mystery.

17. Blaze

A strong, energetic name for a horse with a fiery spirit. This could be a great name for a horse with a unique blaze marking on their forehead.

18. Midnight

This name could be ideal for a horse with a dark coat, or perhaps a mysterious, elusive character.

19. Tango

Is your horse an incredible dancer? Tango could be a fun and lively name for a horse with rhythmic gait.

20. Dreamer

This name is perfect for a horse who's gentle, calm, and seems to always be daydreaming. To keep those dreams sweet, treat them with our LIKIT STUD MUFFINS.

What are the rules for horse names?

Naming a horse isn't like naming a pet cat or dog. There are rules and traditions to follow, especially if the horse is to be registered with a breed or sport association. For example, Thoroughbred horses registered with The Jockey Club must have names that are 18 characters or less, unique, and not in poor taste. Similarly, Arabian horses have their own set of rules. And remember, treats like our popular LIKIT STUD MUFFINS are perfect rewards when they start responding to their new name.

What is a cool name for a horse?

Cool horse names often have a touch of adventure, a dash of danger, or an air of mystery. Names like "Thunderbolt", "Black Stallion", or "Wind Runner" are among the coolest. If you have a horse with a daring spirit, one of these might be perfect. Celebrate their cool name with something they would love like BAILEYS TASTY TREATS.

What is a pretty horse name?

Pretty horse names are often gentle, graceful, and inspired by nature. Names like "Meadow", "Sapphire", or "Autumn Breeze" often come to mind. If you have a horse that embodies grace and beauty, a pretty horse name would be a fitting choice. Just imagine calling your horse "Meadow" as you offer her some delightful NAF MINTY TREATS.

What is the most popular horse name?

Popularity of horse names can vary by region and culture, but some names are universally adored. "Bella", "Star", and "Buddy" frequently top the list. Popular horse names are often short, easy to call, and have a friendly ring to them. By the way, popular horses often love our most popular treat, the LIKIT STARTER KIT.

What's a good female name for a horse?

Good female horse names often embody elegance and spirit. Names like "Lady", "Majesty", or "Luna" can capture the beauty and strength of a mare. If you're looking for the perfect name for your female horse, one of these could be an ideal choice. And remember, every "Lady" deserves the finest, like our BAILEYS TASTY TREATS.

Choosing the perfect name for your horse can be a delightful journey. It's about understanding their personality, appreciating their unique traits, and feeling that special bond. Whether you gravitate towards cool, pretty, or popular names, remember that the best name is the one that feels right to you and your horse.

Once you've chosen a name, don't forget to reward your horse's response to it with some delicious treats. Our LIKIT STUD MUFFINS, BAILEYS TASTY TREATS, LIKIT STARTER KIT, and NAF MINTY TREATS are all perfect choices to make that naming process even more memorable. Happy naming, and here's to many beautiful years ahead with your well-named horse!