OK so the time is nearly upon us to dress up as ghosts and ghouls to try and scare as many people as possible. Failing this trying to consume as many sweets as possible.


When I was a little boy I only had the ability to dress myself in a costume (even though I wasnt really able to do this very well.) However after being introduced to the equestrian world in my early teens, I have now been open up to the amazing  matching costumes are able to make.


We have been trawling the net and have made a top 5 of the best Halloween Costume for horse and rider.

Number 5.

These two look so cool together and compliment each other very well.



Number 4.

Not going to lie, if I saw this in real life i would be a tad scared.


Number 3.

This really made me laugh and also bought back some scary memories of the movie jaws.

Number 2.

I was so impressed with this one as im not even sure how you get this on a pony.

Number 1.

Look at the detail on this! This was my favourite I found.