Worlds Scariest Horses


The horse has been the most popular domesticated animal for thousands of years, but have you ever wondered what some of the scariest horses look like? Well, this list of some of the world's scariest horses is here to answer your question and then some! From Kelpies to Chollimas and everything in between, these are some of the most frightening steeds that roam our planet.


The Kelpie, a water horse of Scotland, has been known to lure humans into the lochs where it lives by appearing as an attractive young woman. Once the victim is in the water and held under by its weight, the Kelpie transforms into its true form—a horselike creature with long sharp teeth and glowing red eyes.

Chollima is another form of flying horse that is known throughout East Asia. It was first spotted around 300 BC during China’s Three Kingdoms period. Interestingly enough, these creatures were thought to be divine messengers from heaven sent down to earth by their god Indra himself!

A third type of horse that you may not have heard about before but certainly should know about now is Hippalectryon; it was a hybrid creature made up of several different animals including a lioness (or perhaps even two), Pegasus (the Greek flying horse), and centaur!

The Kelpie

The kelpie is a type of water spirit that inhabits bodies of water in Scotland. It appears as a beautiful black horse with white spots, but once you get on its back, it will lead you to the deepest parts of the lake and drag you underwater.

Kelpies are said to be highly intelligent, possessing both human-like intelligence and animal instincts. They can speak telepathically with each other, using their voices only when necessary. Kelpies also possess magical powers such as manipulating objects and locking doors from afar; however, these are rarely used unless provoked or threatened directly by humans or other spirits (like witches).

The Chollima

One of the most unique and terrifying horses in all of mythology is the Chollima, a supernatural white horse from Korean folklore that was said to have magical powers. The Chollima has only one black hoof, which it uses to fly through the air. It was first mentioned in the 14th century during Korea’s Koryo period.

The Koryo Dynasty used these mythical creatures as an emblem because they believed them to be so powerful that they could win wars against enemies with ease. Legend says that Chollima would appear when their country needed them most and would bring good luck to any army they rode into battle against!

The Hippalectryon

The Hippalectryon was a monster with the body of a horse and the head of a bird. It was created by the gods to fight against the giants, but it was killed by Heracles after he had taken control of its mind with his arrows.

The Hippalectryon may have been based on real-life animals called “Hippoi Lektorides” (meaning “Horse-Leopard”) that were thought to be hybrids between horses and leopards. These creatures were reportedly spotted by hunters in Africa near present day Cameroon in 1840, but there is no evidence that they exist today as they have not been documented since then.


Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of Odin, the chief god of Norse mythology. Sleipnir was the offspring of Loki, who was a shape-shifting trickster in Norse mythology, and an unknown stallion. Loki transformed into a mare and seduced a stallion who then became pregnant with Sleipnir, who was born with two legs at each end of its body.

In Norse mythology, Sleipnir carries Odin all over Midgard (the earth), but sometimes he uses it to travel through Valhalla (home of warriors).


At the end of the day, there are many things that could potentially make a horse scary. Some are equipped with sharp teeth and hooves that can cause serious damage to humans. Others have been trained to do tricks like playing tennis or riding skateboards. But no matter how scary they look when they’re doing these things, we know that if you give them enough love and attention then they’ll be your best friend!