Were Knights the worlds first true Equestrian?


The knight and his horse have been together for as long as anyone can remember. They have fought side by side in battle, trained together to be the best at what they do and even died together when their time came. The horse is a friend to the knight, but his weapon as well. For this reason many knights choose their horses very carefully when they first start out on their journey; often spending years hunting down just the right one!

the horse is a friend to the knight, but his weapon

The horse is a friend to the knight, but his weapon. The horse is a friend to the knight, because without it he cannot ride. But when he rides into battle and finds his enemy, then his weapon becomes a sword or spear or axe and he uses that against them.

the horse must be strong and loyal, as is the knight

The knight's horse is not just another beast of burden, it is a friend and companion that he loves as much as himself. The horse must be strong, reliable, loyal and obedient to its master. With this in mind, it has been said that if a knight were ever to lose his sword arm or his horse fell ill then he would be rendered virtually helpless on the battlefield - such is their reliance upon each other.

The bond between man and beast was so strong that they often trained together in order to ensure that they were both comfortable with each other's abilities when battle came around (although there are some accounts which suggest this wasn't always possible due to the busy schedule of training). In addition, should one ever fall during combat then there would be no hesitation from either party involved as they worked together against all odds in order for victory against their enemies!

the horse and knight must work in unison like one being

  • A knight's horse must be strong. It must be able to carry the weight of both the horse and rider, even when together weigh over 600 pounds.

  • A knight's horse must be loyal and obedient. The knight will rely on his mount for protection, so he needs to trust it completely, which requires an understanding between them that goes beyond words or training alone.

  • A knight's mount must also be able to keep up with him on long journeys through rough terrain or on fast horses when they're fighting in battle—and sometimes both at once!


Knights are one of the most iconic figures in history. The combination of their strength and skill on horseback is something that has never been matched to this day. In order to understand exactly how important these animals were to the knights who rode them, we need only look at how they were treated as part of society during those times.