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Hilton Herbs: A Journey of Herbal Excellence for Equestrian Health

When it comes to the equestrian world, Hilton Herbs is a bit like the fairy godmother of herbal supplements – minus the wand and the pumpkin carriage, but with all the magic. Established in 1989 by Tony and Hilary Self, Hilton Herbs has been a beacon of natural, effective equine health solutions. It's a tale as old as time, or at least as old as 1989, when co-founder Hilary Self, a qualified Medical Herbalist, whipped up a herbal concoction for her husband’s arthritic horse. Who knew that would be the start of something neigh-sayers couldn't even dream of?

The Birth of Hilton Herbs

Fast forward to 1992, Hilary, armed with her herbal know-how and Tony with his… well, let’s just say, support, launched Hilton Herbs officially. It wasn’t just about making supplements; it was about revolutionizing horse health care with nature’s finest. Hilary’s two books, "A Modern Horse Herbal" and "The Veteran Horse Herbal," became the equine version of 'Eat, Pray, Love', but for herbs. They've been translated into several languages, making Hilary an international herbal whisperer.

A Commitment to Quality

"Quality over quantity," they say, and Hilton Herbs took this to heart. Every ingredient is like a VIP guest at a high-end gala – thoroughly vetted and of the finest quality. They source their herbal tinctures from a company licensed by the UK's Medicine Healthcare Regulations Authority, because, let’s face it, no one wants their horse saying, "I don't feel so good" after a supplement. Hilton Herbs ensures their products are as clean as a whistle – or as a horse’s neigh, in this case. EFSIS-accredited suppliers confirm plant identity and purity, so you’re always getting the best.

A Wide Range of Products

Speaking of the best, let's talk about the Hilton Herbs GastriX. It's the Beyoncé of equine supplements – a superstar in its own right. Crafted to maintain and support an efficient digestive system, it's perfect for horses who can't say no to a grass buffet. Stressful environments? Limited turnout? GastriX to the rescue! Hilton Herbs GastriX is like a spa day for your horse's tummy, with ingredients like slippery elm and meadowsweet that help keep things running smoother than a well-oiled saddle. Hilton Herbs GastriX - A Digestive Spa Day for Your Horse

Customer Testimonials: The Proof is in the Paddock

Don't just take our word for it; let's trot over to the testimonial paddock. Customers rave about Hilton Herbs like it's the latest equestrian gossip. Take the Herb Power supplement, for example. Monet Ward, a customer, swears by it. She says her young horse not only took to the supplement but now she’s feeding it to all her horses. It's like the horse version of a top-rated Yelp review. Herb Power isn’t just a supplement; it's a lifestyle choice for horses.

Hilton Herbs Cleaver & Marigold: The Dynamic Duo

Every Batman needs a Robin, and in the world of equine supplements, it's Hilton Herbs Cleaver & Marigold. These sister herbs are like the superhero team for your horse's lymphatic and glandular systems. Perfect for stabled horses or those with restricted turnout, this dynamic duo keeps legs from becoming the equine equivalent of a Monday morning – bloated and sluggish. Hilton Herbs Cleaver & Marigold, because even horses appreciate a little help from their friends. Hilton Herbs Cleaver & Marigold - The Superhero Team for Horse Health

Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold: Liquid Gold for Your Horse

Now, let's gallop into the world of Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold. Imagine if you could bottle up well-being and serve it as a supplement. Well, Hilton Herbs pretty much did that. Cush X Gold is like the liquid gold of horse supplements. Supporting pituitary health, maintaining endocrine balance, and helping with coat shedding – it's like a Swiss army knife for horse health. And let’s not forget, it's available in a convenient liquid form, because who has time for complicated? Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold, because your horse deserves the Midas touch. Hilton Herbs Cush X Gold - The Midas Touch for Horse Health

Hilton Herbs Herballs: Not Just for Horses

And now for something a little different - Hilton Herbs Herballs. These are not just any treats; they're the 'crème de la crème' of the treat world. Free from molasses, artificial sugars, and flavorings, they're like the health food store equivalent for your equine companions. And guess what? They're not just for horses! Dogs, llamas, and even chinchillas can join the Herballs party. Packed with garlic, mint, oregano, and rosemary, these Herballs are like an international culinary tour for your pets. Hilton Herbs Herballs, because who said healthy can't be tasty? Hilton Herbs Herballs - A Culinary Tour in a Treat

Bye Bye Itch: The Ultimate Itch-Buster

Let's not forget about the Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch. This product is like the ultimate itch-buster for horses. Enriched with essential fatty acids, it's designed to uphold and promote the integrity of your horse's skin and cells. It’s like giving your horse an 'anti-itch armor' for those annoying allergies. The unique blend of ingredients in Bye Bye Itch encourages natural resistance to allergens, ensuring your horse stays comfortable and itch-free. Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch - The Ultimate Itch-Buster for Horses

Conclusion: A Brand That Speaks for Itself

In the end, the story of Hilton Herbs is one of passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to equestrian health. From Hilary's homemade herbal blend to an internationally recognized brand, it's a journey that resonates with horse lovers everywhere. Whether it's the GastriX for digestive health, the Herballs for a tasty treat, or the Bye Bye Itch for skin integrity, Hilton Herbs has a solution for every equine need. So, saddle up and trot over to Just Horse Riders for all your Hilton Herbs needs. After all, a happy horse means a happy rider!