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Horses are magnificent creatures, aren't they? With their flowing manes, majestic gallop, and that undying love for... fibrous plant material. Yes, you read that right! Horses are herbivores with a digestive system designed to break down that not-so-glamorous grass. But just like we need to care for our bellies, horse digestive health is equally essential. Let's gallop into the intricacies of the equine gut (and don't worry, no horse puns ahead...maybe just a few).


Speaking of guts, check out the SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS GUT BALANCER. This isn't just any regular supplement. It contains a specially protected live yeast designed for that majestic horse belly. It's like sending in the A-team of probiotics straight to the hindgut. And with MOS and betaglucans in the mix, your horse's gut is getting the VIP treatment it deserves.

The Relationship Between Gut Health and Injury Recovery in Horses

Ever heard the saying, "Listen to your gut"? Well, horses would if they could! Especially when they're recovering from injuries. Now, I'm no horse whisperer, but the gut speaks volumes about a horse's health. Any disruption to it and Mr. Ed may not be the chirpy TV star you remember.

Horses in rehabilitation have a higher chance of gastrointestinal (GI) problems, and nobody wants a tummy-troubled horse! Research shows that during recovery, maintaining gut health can make a world of difference. So next time your horse is feeling under the weather, remember – the way to their heart (or health) might just be through their stomach.

How Timing of Feeding Affects Performance Horses

Let's talk about meal times. No, not yours. I'm sure you've got your brunches and late-night snack attacks covered. I'm talking about your horse's meals. Did you know that feeding forage right before a training session can actually be beneficial for their gut? It's like the horse version of a pre-workout snack.

But don't just take my word for it, here's some science to back it up! Feeding horses at regular intervals throughout the day keeps that digestive train chugging along. After all, horses are natural grazers. They love their snacks just as much as we do, only their idea of snacks is a bit... greener.

High Fiber vs. High Starch Diet on Gut Health in Horses

Okay, imagine if horses had a dietary game show. The million-dollar question? "High-fiber or high-starch diet: which is the runway supermodel for horse guts?" Ding, ding, ding! If you guessed high-fiber, trot yourself to the winner's circle.

Science Supplements Gastrokind

A high-starch diet might sound appetizing, especially if you're thinking of potato chips or fries, but for horses, it can stir up drama in the digestive department. From diva-like colic episodes to the nightmarish laminitis, high-starch is the diet-zilla we didn’t ask for. Thankfully, with products like Science Supplements Gastrokind, we can promote a red-carpet-ready gastric environment for our equine stars.

Managing GI Health to Reduce Risk of Enteritis

Enteritis sounds like the name of a fantasy land, doesn't it? Alas, instead of dragons and wizards, this realm is filled with inflammation and cranky intestines. Enteritis in horses can cause a domino effect of issues, from the aforementioned crankiness to the ever-dreaded colic and more.

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to this inflammation invasion, you'd want to have your shields up. Ensuring your horse has optimum gut health is like giving it the Excalibur to fend off the Enteritis beast. Don't just neigh at me; check out this treasure trove of information to get equipped.

The Relationship Between the Equine Gut and Brain

Ever heard of the phrase "gut feeling"? Horses have it too, only theirs is a bit more... literal. Just like we have moods swings when we're hangry or have eaten the wrong things, horses experience mood shifts based on their gut health. You might say, they have... 'gut reactions' (Okay, last pun, I promise).

It’s no tall tale that there's a symbiotic dance between the gut and brain. It’s like the waltz, only with more bacteria. If the gut's not happy, the brain isn't either. Research indicates this connection can affect wellness, behavior, and overall performance. So next time your horse gives you the side-eye, maybe it's just a bad gut day.

Good Gut Health for Your Quarter Horse at its Best


Did you know the gut plays a leading role in the movie of a horse's life? Yup, it's not just about horsing around in pastures or showing off at rodeos. A top-notch performance requires a behind-the-scenes superstar, and that's the gut. SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS GUT BALANCER is the ideal backstage pass for those looking to give their horses the VIP treatment. It brings in the best of yeast magic to ensure a gut performance that deserves a standing ovation.

Horse Wardrobe Essentials and their Connection to Gut Health

Hold your horses! Before you think we're diverging, we're not. Just as the clothes make the man, the gear complements the horse. While our equine buddies don’t strut the catwalk in Milan, their attire matters. From the Jodhpur Collection that guarantees agility, to the protective Horse Riding Boot Collection, and even the subtle comfort of the Horse Riding Socks, all play a part in the overall wellness and posture of a horse. And guess what? A comfortable horse is a happy-eating, good-digesting horse!

Everyday Essentials: The Real MVPs

Every equine superstar has an entourage. For our horses, this entourage consists of Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements. They are like the bodyguards, ensuring that everything inside runs smoothly. And if you're keen on taking the security up a notch, don’t forget Horse Bridles and Hoof Care & Boots. Because a guarded horse is a stress-free horse, and a stress-free horse has a jubilant gut.

Conclusion: Give Your Horse the Gut-tastic Life!

In the grand rodeo of life, ensuring your horse's digestive health is top-tier is not just a responsibility, it's a duty. Remember, a well-fed and well-cared-for horse isn’t just about sparkly coats and impressive trotting. It's about the silent hero - the gut. So, be it through premium supplements, strategic feeding, or even swanky jodhpurs, always prioritize that belly. After all, a happy gut is the real secret behind those joyful horse neighs.