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Dodson & Horrell - Help Soothe: A Revolution in Equestrian Care

Welcome to the whimsical world of Just Horse Riders, where equine health is more than a priority—it's a passion! This post discusses the magic woven by the "Dodson & Horrell - Help Soothe" collection. Strap in for an informative yet chucklesome ride. Let’s canter ahead, shall we?

How can I tell if a horse is in pain?

Firstly, you need to understand that horses can be professional actors, masking their discomfort like a well-versed Shakespearean thespian. But you can learn their language and notice subtle signs like change in behaviour, unusual eating habits or perhaps an obsession with the latest equine trends. Jokes aside, timely use of products like the Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free can be a preventative measure against respiratory discomfort.

Will a horse in pain still eat?

Well, who can resist a good meal, right? But even horses with a sweet tooth might lose their appetite if they're in pain. Monitoring their eating habits is a solid first step towards optimal horse care.

How do you help a horse with wheezing?

There's a great product in town for this. Say hello to Dodson & Horrell Breathe-Free! Our customers can't stop neighing about its benefits, like our friend who said, "Great supplement for horses with breathing problems... it has improved my horse's respiratory situation."

What causes horses to wheeze?

Wheezing in horses is like humans complaining about Mondays; there are numerous potential causes. It could be an environmental irritant or a more serious underlying condition. But worry not, our collection has the perfect answers to these issues.

What are good supplements for older horses?

Ageing gracefully isn't just for humans, darling horses deserve it too! Our Dodson & Horrell Ground Chaste Tree Berries support normal hormonal function, particularly for those mature, sophisticated horses.

What can I give my horse for itching?

If your horse scratches more than a dog chasing fleas, try our Dodson & Horrell Itch-Free supplement. One of our customers says, "I have used this product for over a year now and it does what it says on the tin."

Is it OK for horses to be in mud?

A little mud never hurt anyone! But too much mud-play can cause skin issues. If you have a horse who thinks it's a piglet, our Dodson & Horrell Itch-Free will come to your rescue.


At Just Horse Riders, we strive to gallop the extra mile when it comes to equine health. We believe that our Dodson & Horrell - Help Soothe collection is your partner in ensuring top-notch horse health. It's time to horse around the smart way with us! Remember, a healthy horse is a happy horse, and a happy horse makes a delighted horse rider. So saddle up and shop now!


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