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Unlocking Horse Whispers: Exploring Dodson & Horrell's Behaviour Support Collection

Are you a horse enthusiast looking to understand your equine buddy a bit better? Ever found yourself pondering what Flicka or Black Beauty might be thinking? With Just Horse Riders' new Dodson & Horrell Behaviour Support collection, you're about to become the horse whisperer you've always dreamed of being! This collection helps to decode and positively influence horse behaviours. Stick with us and you'll soon be horsing around with the best of them!

What are the different horse moods?

Just like humans, horses are moody. One moment they're cheerful, nuzzling into your hand for more apple slices, and the next, they've turned into a four-legged diva, refusing to leave the stable. This is where Dodson & Horrell Placid comes in. Packed with chamomile and magnesium, this concoction is a mood enhancer for horses with behavioural issues. Now, if only they made it for moody teenagers...

What are the instinctual behaviors of a horse?

Did you know horses have an inherent fight-or-flight response? This instinctual behaviour can sometimes be misinterpreted as a mare having a 'stroppy' day. Fortunately, the Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare blend is the perfect antidote for your hormonal mare. It's like equine yoga in a bag, bringing zen to even the most tempestuous mares.

What does 'horse Behaviour' mean in terms of Dodson & Horrell Behaviour Support products?

It's all about understanding what's going on under that horse's mane. Horse behaviour isn't just about how many times they flick their tails; it's about their physical and emotional health. Dodson & Horrell's Perfect Gentleman isn't just for gentlemen; it helps manage hormone-related behavioural problems in all horses, ensuring that they remain at their best, regardless of the season or their diet.

How do you tell if a horse likes you?

Well, if they share their hay with you, that's a good start! But seriously, horses show affection in many ways, like gentle nudges or a soft, trusting gaze. However, a relaxed, content horse is a sign of a well-loved horse. Here's where Dodson & Horrell Chamomile steps in. Known for promoting calmness and aiding digestion, it's like a warm hug in supplement form.

How do horses tell you they love you?

Believe it or not, horses aren't that different from us. They might not send you a Valentine's card, but they do show their affection. They might nuzzle into your hand, follow you around, or trot towards you when they see you. And when they do, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat them with Dodson & Horrell's supplements to keep them calm and happy.

Understanding and positively influencing horse behaviours can feel like learning a new language. But with Dodson & Horrell's Behaviour Support collection, you're never lost in translation. The collection equips you with everything you need to understand, support, and enhance your horse's behaviours.

Visit Just Horse Riders today and unlock a new level of connection with your equine friend!