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Dodson & Horrell Digestive Aid: Laugh Your Way to Horse Digestive Health

Here at Just Horse Riders, we take our horse health very seriously - so seriously that we can’t resist cracking a joke or two about it. You know what they say about laughter being the best medicine! But do you know what else is a great medicine? Our Dodson & Horrell Digestive Aid collection!

What is the process of digestion in a horse?

Picture your horse as an all-natural, organic factory. Food goes in one end and... well, you know the rest. But in between, there's a whole journey happening. Our pal the horse chews down its food, then enzymes in the saliva and stomach break it down further. The nutrients are then absorbed in the intestines. For roughage feeders like horses, this digestion process is a finely tuned art!

What kind of digestion do horses have?

Horses are 'hindgut fermenters'. This isn't as glamorous as being a "first-string quarterback," but it's essential. A horse's hindgut, consisting of the cecum and colon, is the centre stage where fibre digestion occurs, thanks to billions of microbes. Products like the Dodson & Horrell Yea-Sacc help maintain this sensitive ecosystem.

How long does it take a horse to digest their food?

Time is an illusion, but for a horse's digestive system, it's anywhere from 36 to 72 hours. However, some parts of the process, like the stomach emptying out, happen quicker - within 2 hours. Quicker than binging a new Netflix series, isn't it?

How do horses digest and absorb its food?

As we said earlier, horses are hindgut fermenters. Their digestion game revolves around microbes fermenting the fibre in their diet, producing volatile fatty acids, and these are absorbed as the main source of energy. Ever thought your horse could run on salad power?

How long after a horse eats does it poop?

Well, within 48 hours or so, though it varies. What's constant is that it happens more often than you'd want to clean up!

How long does it take for a horse's stomach to empty?

Stomach contents pass into the small intestine within 2 hours. Fast, right? That's why keeping a regular supply of feed is so important for horse health. You wouldn't want your factory running out of raw materials, would you?


To wrap up, remember that a healthy horse is a happy horse and a happy horse is a... really large pet that needs high-quality feed and an excellent digestive aid like the Dodson & Horrell Digestive Aid collection. So don't just horse around, get serious about horse digestion!

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