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Ever wondered what's the crowning glory of an equestrian's attire? It's not the boots, nor the jodhpurs. It's the hat! And not just any hat, but the Shires Karben Horse Riding Hats. Let's trot through the world of these hats and find out why they're the mane event!

What is a horse riding hat called?

Well, if you're thinking cowboy hats, think again! In the equestrian world, we call them helmets or riding hats. And when you're talking about the crème de la crème, it's the Shires Karben Carmella Riding Hat. Modern engineering meets classic elegance in this beauty.

Is it law to wear a horse riding hat?

While not every country mandates it, in the UK, safety first! It's not just about looking dapper; it's about protecting that noggin. And with the Karben Junior Skull Cap, you get safety without breaking the bank.

Why do horse riders wear hats?

Aside from looking absolutely fabulous? It's all about safety. A tumble without a helmet can be catastrophic. But with the Valentina Riding Hat, you're not just safe; you're sparkling with those eye-catching crystals!

Is it illegal to ride a horse without a helmet in the UK?

While it's not "illegal" for adults, it's highly recommended. For children under 14, it's a must when riding on public roads. And with the Sienna Riding Hat, who would want to go without?

How do I choose a riding hat?

Fit, safety, and style! The Avena Riding Hat ticks all these boxes. And if you ever need a change, there's always the replacement liner to keep things fresh!


So, whether you're galloping into the sunset or just trotting around the paddock, remember: a Shires Karben hat isn't just a fashion statement; it's a life-saver. Ready to elevate your equestrian game? Shop the collection now and ride with confidence and style!