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Ever wondered why the Queen's Guard wears those tall, furry hats? It's not just for the looks, but for protection! Similarly, our horses need protection, but not from the London rain. Enter the Shires Arma Horse Protection range. Let's dive into the world of equestrian gear and find out why these products are the talk of the UK's horse-riding community.

Why would a horse have boots on?

Imagine walking barefoot on a rocky path. Ouch, right? Horses, despite their strength, have sensitive hooves and legs. Boots, like the Shires Arma Neoprene Over Reach Boots, offer protection against scuffs, blows, and prevent rubbing around the pastern. One happy customer even mentioned, "Great product. Arrived promptly and good quality. Value for money." So, it's not just a fashion statement, it's a protective measure!

What boots should I get for my horse?

Well, it's like asking what shoes you should wear for a night out. It depends! For daily protection and air circulation, the Shires Arma Air Motion Brushing Boots are a top pick. They're lightweight, supportive, and have that fancy Air Motion fabric to keep your horse's legs cool. For those looking for luxury, the Shires Arma SupaFleece Tendon Boots are the Rolls Royce in the world of horse boots. One user even exclaimed, "Amazing quality 👌".

Should you put boots on your horse?

Absolutely! Unless you want your horse to give you the side-eye every time you saddle up. Boots provide protection, comfort, and style. And with options like the Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks, which keep those pesky flies away, there's a boot for every horse's need.

What boots stop horses legs swelling?

Swelling in horse legs can be a concern, especially after intense activities. The Shires Arma Memory Foam Anatomical Girth is designed to offer body mapping, responsive support, and heat-responsive memory foam that moulds to the body for a bespoke fit. It's like a spa day for your horse's legs!


So, there you have it, folks! The Shires Arma Horse Protection range isn't just about looking posh during a trot in the countryside. It's about ensuring our four-legged friends are protected, comfortable, and ready to gallop into the sunset. Whether you're a casual rider or preparing for the Grand National, make sure your horse is kitted out with the best. And remember, a happy horse means a happy ride!