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Ever thought of turning your horse into a disco ball? Well, not literally, but with Shires Equi-Flector Reflective Horse Riding Safety Gear, you're about to light up the equestrian world. Dive into the shimmering world of reflective gear and discover how you can ride safely, stylishly, and with a touch of sparkle!

Why Reflective Gear?

Because you and your horse deserve to be seen and admired! But more importantly, for safety. Whether you're trotting down a country lane or galloping on a misty morning, being visible is crucial. And hey, who said safety couldn't be stylish?

What's in the Shires Equi-Flector Collection?

Prepare to dazzle:

  • SHIRES EQUI-FLECTOR® MESH EXERCISE SHEET: A lightweight, breathable sheet that ensures both horse and rider are visible, especially during those twilight rides.
  • SHIRES EQUI-FLECTOR® FLY VEIL: Keep those pesky flies away while shining bright. Designed to fit neatly under a bridle, it's comfort and visibility in one.
  • SHIRES EQUI-FLECTOR® HAT BAND: Light up your headgear with this high viz hat band. Safety first, but make it fashion!
  • ... and so much more! From breastplates to tail straps, there's something for every horse and rider duo.

How Does This Gear Enhance Safety?

Imagine being a car driver and spotting a radiant horse and rider duo from a mile away. That's the power of the Shires Equi-Flector range. Each product is designed with high visibility fabrics and reflective detailing, ensuring maximum visibility in low light or on the road.

Wrap Up Your Ride

So, fellow equestrians, why blend in when you can stand out? With the Shires Equi-Flector Reflective Horse Riding Safety Gear, you're not just investing in safety; you're making a style statement. Ready to light up your rides? Trot over to our collection and shine on!