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Ever wondered why horses in the UK seem so darn happy? It's not just the lush green pastures or the occasional carrot treat. It's the snug, stylish, and utterly fabulous Weatherbeeta horse rugs they're flaunting! Let's trot through the world of these equestrian marvels and see what all the neigh-bourhood talk is about.

Are WeatherBeeta rugs waterproof?

Absolutely! Take, for instance, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic Standard Neck Medium/Lite. Not only does it have a ripstop outer shell, but its repel shell coating ensures your horse stays as dry as a British sense of humour. And if you don't believe us, one satisfied customer raved about how their pony "stays very warm and never leaks, just what you need for rainy winters."

What is the best rug to keep a horse cool?

For those hot summer days when your horse is dreaming of a beach holiday, the WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Lite IV Combo Neck is the answer. This breathable 190g polycotton summer sheet ensures your horse remains cooler than a cucumber in a freezer. Plus, it offers a whopping 95%+ UV protection. Talk about sun safety!

Do horses need rugs at 10 degrees?

Ah, the age-old question. At 10 degrees, some horses might feel like they're in the Bahamas, while others might be dreaming of a warm blanket. It really depends on the horse. However, for those who prefer a bit of warmth, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic II Combo Neck Medium with its 220g of polyfill is a stellar choice. It's like giving your horse a warm hug, without the awkwardness.

How often should you wash horse rugs?

As often as you'd wash your favourite jumper after a muddy romp in the park. But seriously, it depends on usage and conditions. However, with the durability of rugs like the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Tough II Detach-A-Neck Medium/Lite, you'll find they stay cleaner for longer. And when you do wash them, they come out looking brand spanking new!


So, there you have it, folks! The secret to a horse's happiness (apart from endless treats and cuddles) is a fabulous Weatherbeeta rug. Whether it's rain, shine, or a surprise British snowstorm, these rugs have got your horse's back. Literally. Now, don't just trot around in circles. Gallop over to Just Horse Riders and get your steed the rug they've been neighing for!